About Us

We focus in high quality, metal fabrication; creating products such as bespoke metal furniture and wrought iron gates. All custom made in New Zealand and built to last.

Husband and wife team Phil and Dawn Charlton, set up Charlton & Co with the intention of:

  • producing quality, New Zealand made furniture and products, to give customers an alternative to the narrow selection of poorly made, over priced, imported products available in New Zealand.

  • changing people’s perceptions of metal and what is possible with the material.

Proving the mettle of metal

In Phil and Dawn’s home country of England, there is a rich history and popularity of metal work and blacksmithing that never really took off in the same way in New Zealand due to the availability and accessibility of native timber here. Most people think of metal as being cold, rigid, straight and usually painted black with some kind of decorative scroll on it.

Metal is so versatile, it can be so much more!

Metal can be:

  • Bright, bold and colourful
  • Aged to create a rusted, antiqued look
  • Flame treated to create oil slick rainbow colour effects
  • Raw, dark and industrial
  • Shiny, polished and clean
  • Big, strong and sturdy
  • Delicate, decorative and intricate
  • Natural and organic in the way it’s shaped and formed
  • Modern and geometric
  • Long lasting and secure in all weathers and conditions
Plus, an endless world of designs and styles is opened up when you combine metal with other complimenting materials such as wood, fabric and glass.
We hope we can inspire you with our metal work and reveal the design and product opportunities of metal in New Zealand.