Outdoor Furniture

Custom made metal furniture created from steel and wood, unique wrought iron gates, industrial style furniture, modern metal gates, man cave furniture and custom made outdoor furniture... these are just some of the bespoke metal work projects we undertake.  

Creating outdoor tables and seating worthy of the Charlton family is where the Charlton & Co furniture dream essentially began.  Mr Charlton dreamed of a table and benches that wouldn’t move when he leaned against it, or creak when he sat on it, whilst Mrs Charlton pictured herself on a pretty garden seat that was just for her and her book on a quiet sunny afternoon.
We can make your outdoor furniture dreams a reality too.  No more enviously looking through Pintrest boards or disheartening walks around DIY and furniture stores thinking you’ll have to make do with one of these flimsy furniture sets that will be lucky to last two summers.  
We understand.
Charlton & Co’s outdoor furniture is built to last and is made to your size specifications so if your BBQ parties are big, legendary affairs, we can make a table that’s big enough to accommodate all of your friends.
Talk to Dawn about your style and dream and we can create something that brings interior design to the most important space in the kiwi house; the deck and garden. Don’t be limited on colour or design.
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