Meet the Team

Phil (left) and Dawn (centre) Charlton are the husband and wife team behind Charlton & Co. Phil has 20 years of welding and metal fabrication experience and Dawn has been in sales and marketing for the same amount of time.
After starting a successful welding and fabrication company (Metal Doctor Ltd) in 2012, they are now expanding their entrepreneurial dream with a venture that is closer to their artistic hearts.
Phil and Dawn have lived in New Zealand since 2009 when they arrived from the UK with nothing but a backpack each and the hope of one day living the ‘kiwi dream’.  The dream is a work in progress but it’s going pretty well so far as the backpacks and campervan have been replaced by a house in the beautiful Hibiscus Coast and a couple of dirtbikes.  They now happily consider New Zealand to be home, especially after creating their own little kiwi kid, Joey.


Who or what is the ‘Co’
An important part of the ‘Co’ is Benji (pictured right).  Phil’s right hand man, banter brother and welding superhero.
The ‘Co’ also refers to other local kiwi companies that we partner with to bring you skills sets outside of our own, such as upholstering etc.