Custom made Man Cave furniture and products

Custom made Man Cave furniture and products
We've got lots of ideas for new Man Cave furniture and products and maybe you've got some ideas of your own that you'd like us to create for you?

Whether it's a bar leaner made to fit perfectly in the corner of your man cave, racking and storage for prize possessions or a cool table and benches to put your beers and your mates on, we can make it for you.

All of our products are based around a metal design, but we can add wood, fabric, and of course beer kegs to create a unique item that gives your space a true Man Cave feeling.

If you're a keen chippy and want to do the wood work yourself, or have a slab of wood, or an item you want to upcycle or incorporate, please let us know and we'll happily work with you.

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  • Beer Keg Stools
  • Beer Buddies Bar Leaner
  • Beer Keg Light Shades